AIA Presentations We Offer

Evolution of WRB & AB in commercial building envelope

Created by DensElement from GP

  • Examine the evolution of water-resistive and air barriers (WRB-AB) in commercial building envelopes
  • Introduce new, all-in-one, integrated gypsum sheathing + WRB-AB systems as alternatives to traditional water and air barrier systems

Stormwater management on the roof: vegetated roofs and blue roofs

Created by American Hydrotech

  • The benefits of vegetated roofs and the role they play in green infrastructure
  • Importance of a good membrane
  • Major components of vegetated roofs, their options for handling stormwater and ultra-high capacity blue roof concepts

Designing with commercial, industrial insulated metal panels

Created by Metl-Span

  • Identify the characteristics and design options for insulated metal panels (IMPs)
  • Understand how IMPs provide all necessary air, water, vapor and thermal control layers
  • Be able to differentiate between the various paint, corrosion, panel and weathertight warranties available with IMPs

Understanding high pressure laminates + rainscreen applications

Created by Trespa

  • Fundamentals of rainscreen principles
  • Identification of HPL materials and properties
  • Systems, applications and inspiration with HPL

drainage and drying in the exterior wall

Created by Benjamin Obdyke
AIA: BOI 103 - 1 LU/HSW/SD

  • Recognize the integral role of a gap within the exterior wall
  • Understand the performance characteristics of drainable building wrap and rainscreen systems
  • Understand the selection criteria to consider when designing for moisture management in wall systems

the wide world of wrb's and specifying as part of high performance system

Created by Benjamin Obdyke
AIA: CONF20167 - 1 LU/HSW/SD

  • Understand the performance characteristics of water resistive barriers (WRBs)
  • Gain the knowledge to select the best WRB option for your project
  • Best practices for integrating peel and stick flashing with WRB to reduce the risk of bulk moisture entering the wall assembly

Designing with innovative architectural blocks for buildings

Created by Trenwyth

  • Different concrete masonry units can be combined with the same wall to achieve a variations in texture, pattern and color
  • Learn the critical specification profess of masonry
  • LEED program and masonry