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Founded in Portland, Oregon, we serve clients throughout the Pacific Northwest; including Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Montana, who seek smarter solutions for their construction projects.

We’re trusted by our clients to offer solutions that consider the entire scope of their projects, even if they don’t directly relate to the products we sell. We deliver accurate, reliable answers in a timely fashion.

Our goal is to be the top manufacturer’s representatives firm in the region. We expect to continue to earn that position by setting a high standard for our communications.


Featured Product


The DensElement® Barrier System with AquaKOR® Technology redefines the typical water-resistive and air barrier (WRB-AB) system. Instead of installing a WRB-AB membrane over the face of a commercial or residential building’s sheathing, the first component in the system solution, the DensElement® Sheathing, has a WRB-AB integrated right into its gypsum core. This premium, all-in-one Dens® brand system offers significant savings in time during normal weather conditions which is amplified when conditions are cold and wet. The result is lower installed cost on a faster schedule which also affects critical path.

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